Productivity for students is so critical – and so tough sometimes!  We are dealing with all sorts of distractions in a media-crazy world, and sometimes it is just hard to get things done. Learn about some of my favorite ways to stay on track, be productive, and get ‘er done!  I will include productivity apps and tools as well as habits and practices to help you study smarter and get done what needs to get done.

The Cafe Scholar is Back! & My Focus for 2018

That’s right - I’m back!  The past few months I’ve been going through some major transitions and life changes.  I usually wait to share about transitions on social media, but now that the dust has settled, I’m so excited to share what’s been happening in my life and...

Productivity Secret: How to Set Up Your Desk

Even the most avid cafe scholar needs to work at home or out of an office sometimes. The way you set up your desk can have a big impact on how much you accomplish and the quality of your work. You don’t always have a lot of space to work with, so how can you organize...

How to Conquer Back-to-College Stress

Does starting the new semester have you stressing out? You’re not alone. College is stressful, grad school even more so, and the start of a new semester or quarter can be downright nerve-wracking. Bills due, new professors, overwhelming list of assignments, and all that regular life stuff piling up…Sound familiar?

August 2017 Goals & Updates

My August 2017 goals and updates are late – this post was kind of tough to write. You’ll see why in the Updates section below. Things have been pretty crazy, but there is good stuff coming up! Here is an update on my July goals and new ones I have created for August....

10 Secrets to Keep Track of your Assignments

Producteev has changed the way I keep track of life, and I use it constantly – for school, home, and work. I am going to show you 10 secrets to using Producteev to manage your assignments like a boss.

Goals for July 2017 | The Cafe Scholar

Each month, I will be sharing my progress towards goals I have set for school, health, and this blog!
June Goals Update:
1. Make extra $500 payment towards debt. PASS.

Increase your Productivity with a Nightly Routine

A few months ago, I realized I was wasting that valuable “brain time” on tasks that needed to be done, but didn’t necessarily need to be done during that optimal work time.  I wanted to study smarter – literally!  I wanted to maximize my best time of day.


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