Research and writing are a critical part of your education – and life!   You may think it is just about school, but in most jobs, you will need the critical thinking and writing communication skills that you practice in college and grad school.  If writing a research paper has you terrified, or you are trying to polish your writing for a graduate thesis, or just want to get your papers from B to A, you’ve come to the right place (the write place? 🙂 ).  Here I will share the best resources to create quality academic writing, including my Guide to Writing Awesome Research Papers!
Guide to Writing Research Papers

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How to Choose the Best Gifts for Writers

Choosing gifts.  Some people are really...gifted in this area.  If you're trying to manage your money wisely (like I am), you don't want to just give people more "stuff" to take up space in their lives.  The thought really does count. So how do you choose the best...

When you have to Reorganize a Research Paper

Your organization and structure will probably change several times as you write your paper. Sometimes you come up with a clever way to word your thesis, and then you need to make your paper structure match. Other times, as you are writing and revising, you realize that something might make more sense in a different part of the paper. This can result in a bunch of cut-and-paste madness. It’s kind of a pain, and it is really easy to lose track of something or miss a section as you go, especially if you have to do a lot of scrolling to move a paragraph somewhere else in the paper.

How to Write an A+ Research Paper Outline

Did you know that a solid research paper outline is the key to an A+ research paper?  You’ll want to spend a good amount of time on this step, even more time than actually writing out the paper itself.  The outline is going to help you structure your paper in a way that makes sense and then pull together your research to fill in the details.

How to Write a Terrific Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a lot like the bibliography you would find at the end of your research paper or a book, but with more information.  Besides research paper assignments, you will find annotated bibliographies as part of a dissertation or thesis.  There are even published books that are extensive annotated bibliographies on a particular topic.

How to Find Scholarly Sources for Research Papers

This post is part of “The Cafe Scholar’s Guide to Writing a Research Paper” series, which walks you through the process of writing awesome research papers step by step from start to finish. When you are done finding great scholarly sources, be sure to check out the...

How to Use Evernote to Organize Research

I use Evernote as an electronic version of the note card system. I can keep track of much more data, categorize the same quote multiple ways, organize in different ways until I find the best fit, and carry it with me wherever I go. No 3 x 5 cards required! The best part is that this data is fully searchable!

Write a Research Paper Proposal Your Professor Will Love

Does your professor require you to write a research paper proposal a few weeks into the semester? S If your professor doesn’t require a research paper proposal, you should write one anyways! Here’s why: The purpose of a research paper proposal is to help…

How to Choose a Great Research Paper Topic

One of the most important steps in writing your research paper is choosing the right topic. If you choose well, you will not only meet all the requirements of the assignment, but also spend your time writing about something interesting to you! If you are continuing…

10 Quick Steps to Planning a Research Paper

I’m going to show you how to schedule things out so that YOU decide how much work you have to do and when. There’s really no reason to be writing a paper during finals week. Have I done it? Of course. (heavy sigh). Was it my best work? Not so much.


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