Studying on a budget is no easy task, but so worth it!  What I wouldn’t do to be done with my student loans!  Here I will share advice about how to save money in college and grad school, from tuition, to housing, to books and supplies. I also hope to share some stories from awesome people who have paid off their student loans, or managed to avoid them altogether!

7 Easy Ways to Be a Little Greener on a Budget

It would be easier to go green if things weren't so expensive. There's always this tug of war for me between taking care of the environment, making the best use of my time, and staying on the budget.  It won't always be that way.  In two years I'll be debt free, and...

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Should I REALLY Destroy ALL my Credit Cards?

Too late.  I already did.  Destroy 12 credit cards.  On Facebook Live. If you missed it, you can catch the video below.
Seriously, you guys, it feels like losing 100 lbs.  I can’t stop singing While We’re Young.  And I haven’t even finished paid them all off yet, but I just know that once they are gone this time, they will really be gone for good.  NEVER AGAIN will I have those chains!

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Week 3: 4 Things that Get Me Excited to Pay Off Debt

It also helps to get motivated and stay motivated with the advice and stories of others.  You can keep up the momentum and remember why you are making the hard choices.  The WHY will get you through this.  Here are four things that get me excited to stay on budget and pay off debt.

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Week 2: 3 Simple Steps to a Breakthrough Budget that Works

This week’s challenge was a doozy. We were tasked with creating a new budget – a budget that works! – accounting for income, planned savings, bills, groceries, other expenses, and even fun stuff. Thankfully the workbook breaks it down step by step, so you complete each task and check the box. You don’t have to finish it all in one sitting! Here are 3 simple steps I implemented during this week’s challenge.

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